What If You Don't Need Surgery To Fix Enlarged Prostate?

Imagine waking up in the morning and having a desperate need to urinate but as hard as you try, you can’t get it to come out. That has to be a painful and scary situation.

It's always hard to urinate when the prostate is enlarged. And when you do you end up having to go 4 or 5 times a night as the flow is so slow and frustrating.

First a little bit about my own experience – in 2016 i was diagnosed with an enlarged prostate.

I had no idea if reversing enlarged prostate was even possible. In early July of that year my urine was a little slow in the mornings. This concerned me so i went to see my doctor who performed a few tests including a PSA (Prostate specific antigen) blood test. 

My result was a 6. A little on the high side. The doctor then arranged a scan which showed my prostate had enlarged... i became restless and completely heartbroken. As a result I found myself marching off to a urologist, having a biopsy and awaiting the result.

Not less than 50% of men in the world over 50 years of age have had or will have a prostate issue in their lives. And that number is increasing as our unhealthy lifestyle increases.

If you're a man in your fifties, sixties or seventies then there's a better than even chance that you will be suffering from an enlarged prostate and will be experiencing a range of common symptoms such as:

  • Weak stream of urine
  • Leaking of urine
  • Blood in the urine
  • Facing difficulty in starting urination
  • Dribbling of urine when urinating
  • Frequent urination and sometimes sudden desire to urinate especially in the night
  • Feeling of not fully emptying the bladder

You may experience more serious symptoms such as urination obstruction, nausea, back pain, presence of blood in the urine, and fever.

Should You Be Worried About Your Enlarged Prostate?

Having an enlarged prostate is not only painful... It can be embarrassing as well. To make matters worse, the condition can lead to life-threatening complications.

Enlarged prostate can lead to further complication if you don't treat it. It causes blockage by clogging your kidneys with urine. In such cases, acute urinary retention can happen.

It may even develop into chronic kidney disease, kidney damage or infection, bladder damage, and bladder stones.

Unfortunately, because most men will suffer from an enlarged prostate, particularly in their sixties and seventies, many men don't worry when the symptoms appear and certainly wouldn't take it seriously until it become life threatening. This is a mistake....

The Temptation of Going For Surgery

As my condition worsened despite taking the drugs prescribed by my doctor, I started researching into treatments like TURP which is a surgical procedure for fixing enlarged prostate.

In my findings, I discovered that in the past, the only option for people with Enlarged Prostate was surgery called Trans Urethral Prostate Resection (TURP), this procedure involves "shaving" or removing small pieces of the enlarged prostate that block the flow of urine.

TURP usually relieves the uncomfortable symptoms of enlarged prostate but with some few problems.

First, the prostate may enlarge again, requiring another operation.

This is true for one in four men who may have to undergo a second TURP procedure in three years.

Secondly, surgery does not prolong life. Study suggests that it actually reduce a person's lifespan by a year.

In some cases, this procedure can cause impotence or complete inability to control urination. The most common side effect, however, is retrograde ejaculation, that is, the ejaculated semen enters the bladder instead of shooting out of the penis. This may impair a man's fertility.

When I saw the numerous side effects and complications associated with this procedure, I realized this was not an option for me. I needed a safe and lasting solution. I can't sacrifice my potency for a treatment that isn't guaranteed to last.

The Turning Point For Me...

By 2017 my condition had become unbearable to the extent that I sometimes couldn't urinate at all.. In fact it became so bad that at few ocasions, I will be rushed to the hospital.

At a point the doctor said if this persist, I'm sorry we'll have to patch you up with a catheter.

I became scared and frustrated... I wanted to give up

But my condition was unbearable

So how can i give up?

I had no choice than to keep looking for solution.

In my search for solution, I tried many things with little or no result.

From drugs, to exercise, to taking local concussions etc. Talk of every possible solution you can think of... I tried it.

But something unforgettable happened in July; while surfing the internet, I discovered what is by far the most effective way to reverse prostate enlargement. At first, I was skeptical about the natural approach because I've tried similar treatment with little or no result... So i ignored it.

Three days later, as I sat alone in my sitting room feeling hopeless and anxious about my prostate problem, especially the frequent urination every night and the urgency with which it comes, I said to myself what's the worst that can happen?

Urinating with the aid of a catheter. (See Image below)

So, I decided to give the natural treatment a trial and see if it's as effective as the report says it is, and to my amazement, in less than 30 days, I was completely relieved and free from most of the symptoms I was having.

I noticed that I no longer wake up frequently at night to urinate and the difficulty I experience when urinating was completely gone.

I said to myself; don't celebrate yet...

I needed to be sure this was not just coincidence...

So I decided to keep this to myself for some time and see if the symptoms will return or not, but as I write this report, it’s been more than 12 months now and I can tell you I’ve not experienced any of those terrible symptoms ever since.

In addition to this, I feel stronger, healthier, and in charge of my life. I am thrilled with my experience that I inspire others to experience for themselves the profound transformation this Prostate Enlargement solution offers and that is why I decided to put this report together to help anyone out there suffering from prostate enlargement to experience this profound solution.

You don't have to accept enlarged prostate to overstay its welcome in your life. You have the power to change how you live. The effects of enlarged prostate are real. But so is the solution. Addressing your prostate problems now can help avoid future complications.

The Good News

European and Asian doctors have traditionally been using natural approach to treat Prostate Enlargement, with resounding success and with no side effects.

Enlarged Prostate can be reversed safely with the right herbs coupled with the right diet.

You can get these herbal solution readily available at your own convenient time and I'll show you how to do that shortly...

WARNING: Not All Natural Prostate Remedies Are Created Equal!

Be careful, there are lots of bogus products on the market.

There's none that I am aware of that work like the one i personally used and worked for me.

You obtain your goals with ease - in no time. That was my case...


Let me hint you about what you will get with this incredible solution...

  • You will never have to wake up frequently at night to urinate again; which means you will enjoy a peaceful sleep always.
  • The difficulty you experience when urinating will finally stop.
  • You will be able to fully empty your bladder at a go and the dribbling will stop.
  •  If you’re already experiencing blood in urine or you’ve developed a urinary tract infection due to poor treatment of the enlarged prostate, this incredible solution will  also help you treat these conditions.
  • Your sex life and vitality will be restored.
  • Most importantly, you’ll become healthy once again and thus prolong your life.
  • And Many More ...

So even if you've tried other treatments in the past with little or no result, this could be the answer, as it works successfully for 99% of men, myself included.



Pro-Health contains the latest clinically trialled ingredients such as Stabilized Aloe Vera from Texas and Dominica Republic, Bee hive, standardized Saw Palmetto, Berry extract, Lycopene and Zinc, to name but a few.

Pro-Health is the most comprehensive Prostate and general men's product on the market.

Containing 25 natural phytoceutical extracts, proven to treat Prostate Enlargement and other prostate related problems.

Pro-Health has no known side effects. It's a complete, easy to use 30-day Program for correcting enlarged prostate.

The system includes 4 specially formulated components that works in harmony with your body to achieve rapid results.

But you don't have to take my word for it...read some of the numerous feedback of people who have shared their success stories with me;

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This improvement is remarkable. I must also add that he doesn't strain himself to pass out urine again. I am certain that by the time he is through with the 30 days usage, his condition would have improved again. Thanks for this job well done."

-BOYE. Lagos.

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-AYODELE. Lagos.

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Ok, I'm interested...

But how much will it cost to get this amazing remedy delivered to my doorstep...

Before I tell you how much,

Let's face it. We both know surgery is not an option, considering cost, not to mention the risk involved, some of which I mentioned earlier even is you can afford it. Also considering the fact that this solution is completely natural with no side effects...

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