The Biggest Mistakes Most People Make About Diabetes

.... this information could save your eyes, your kidneys, your legs, your nerves, your heart - and your life.

We have all heard the saying that health is wealth. That is 100% true because with poor health comes serious pain.

If you're worried about blood sugar, then you probably already know that unbalanced blood sugar...

■ Makes it tough for you to loose wight, no matter how hard you try...

■ Drains you of energy, always leaving you tired and sluggish...

■ Put a big strain on your heart, cholesterol and arteries...

■ Negatively affects your memory and moods...

But, I have some new information that will be both frightening and life-saving to you.

First, the frightening news.

Nearly HALF of all hospital patients are ravaged by uncontrolled blood sugar! For example, at University Teaching Hospital in the Ife, nearly HALF of all patients are there for amputations, failing hearts, kidney transplants, strokes or nerve damage caused by diabetes.

■  Mayo Clinic warns wildly high blood sugar can kill your brain! Diabetes damages blood vessels to the brain and causes vascular dementia. So it’s no surprise that people with diabetes are twice as likely to suffer brain failure.

  The risk of a heart or brain “disaster” jumps 400%! WebMD warns    

■  High blood sugar leads to an early grave! The World Diabetes Association reports that diabetes could actually lower life expectancy. Other research warns diabetes may remove 5 to 10 years off your life!

 But what’s even more terrifying is…

…serious damage can be already happening to your organs right now even if you’re not diabetic or even if your blood sugar numbers are not off the charts! That’s right. Even slightly elevated blood sugar can put you at grave risk.

For example, The National Diabetes Education Program reports…

■ In one study, individuals without diabetes who had blood glucose levels of 140 mg/dl had already suffered nerve damage 

■ Plus, after just one hour of having high blood sugar levels, researchers discovered known markers of heart disease in non-diabetic test subjects

The truth is, diabetes symptoms are not always obvious, and it typically takes 7 to 10 years before diabetes is diagnosed…years that can silently ravage your body.

It’s a TSUNAMI of blood-sugar- gone-wild due to food  spiked with sugars, carbonhydrates and fats… overeating…and lack of exercise!

The tragedy is that…

The idea most people have about fighting diabetes are so wrong, they actually encourage its development and worsening.

Is it any wonder that International Diabetes Federation report 4 million Nigerians are diabetic and another 1.9 million are pre-diabetic...

Shoud You Be Concerned About Diabetes - Even if you Don't have it?


When it comes to diabetes, eating right, exercising and living a healthy lifestyle is an excellent defense. But it may not always be enough.

The No. 1 risk factor for diabetes is not obesity, family history, ethnicity or a sedentary lifestyle. It’s pre-diabetes. 

Pre-diabetes has no symptoms. But your body, especially your heart and circulatory system, may already be suffering long-term damage.”

 And you may be at high risk of pre-diabetes if you’re suffering from these lesser known signs, such as sugar cravings…constipation…breathing difficulties at night... muscle weakness…gum problems…high blood pressure or high triglycerides…urination or bowel movement problems… even sexual dysfunction.

But here is the GOOD NEWS!

You can beat diabetes... using the facts and programs I want to show you in this report.

Imagine for a moment that you can eliminate diabetes problems.

Problems such as...

1. Frequent urination
2. Numbness, drowsiness and fatigue
3. Blurred vision
4. Excessive thirst and hunger


And be healthy for life... guaranteed!
Plus, it's safe, natural, affordable, and can be taken in the privacy of your home!

Now imagine you could stabilize your blood sugar and eventually reverse type 2 diabetes completely.

To top it off, imagine if you could become energetic again and be healthy like you were in your 20s.

Sound good? All of that can be yours if you pay attention to what I'm about to reveal to you here. Let me start with some surprising news.

To stabilize blood sugar and get rid of diabetes...

You need to bring out the "big guns!"

Never before in the history of mankind have we seen more people with high blood sugar  and diabetes issues like now. It's an epidemic... as rightly stated above!

In fact roughly 5 million Nigerians are suffering from diabetes and that number increases by day. And in the worse case it's a real nightmare for so many.

They have to battle frequent urination, blurred vision, fatigue, drowsiness, numbness, excessive thirst and hunger to name a few.

Worse, because nutrient depletion due to excessive urination, they are always tired during the day. And to add insult to injury, for some, this problems are affecting their lovemaking, too!

Sadly, this epidemic is everywhere. Millions are surfering!

But even more, most people make the big mistake of trying to lower thier blood sugar with weak, watered down diabetes drugs.

Conventional diabetes drugs and insulin do more damage than good. In some cases, they turn a minor problem into something more serious.

Taking these weak drugs is like trying to stop an elephant with a toy gun.

This is ABSURD!

Research shows you need:

1. STRONG dosage...

2. STRONG nutrients... and

3. STRONG combination of nutrients to stabilize blood sugar and get rid of diabetes.

To come out of diabetes, you need to bring out the BIG GUNS!

And that's why I'm excited to tell you about...

A Simple Natural Formula That Works When Others Fail

Although it's scary dealing with high blood sugar, it's much more scarier to deal with the devastating side effects of diabetes drugs and regular insulin injection.

But did you know that there are natural ingredients and supplements that are capable of not only stabilizing blood sugar but also preventing this desease from ever happening.

If you are like most people, you may think diabetes can't be reversed but should be accepted as a necessary evil.

(Nothing could be further from the truth)

Over the years, I've had great success helping several people (mostly men) stabilize their blood sugar with selected nutrients. Those were good solutions at the time, but now there's something better.

I teamed up with quite a number of health professionals and nutritionists to combine the very best of this diabetes formula that's the only one I trust to stabilize your blood sugar and reverse diabetes for life.

It's called Diabetes Wellness Program and, quite frankly, it leaves all other diabetes remedies in the dust.

It's the most powerful and potent diabetes formula you could possibly take - period!

Even better...'s been proven to work by the toughest critics of all

Bottom line is Diabetes Wellness Program works like magic, and here's the proof:

1. Clinical proof: as you're about to see, its nutrients and combination of nutrients are proven effective in numerous clinical studies all over the world.

2. Scientific proof: Its advance formula is based on the latest cutting-edge scientific research and include high dosages, key nutrients and unique combination of nutrients found nowhere else.

3. Patient proof: Thousands of people have taken Diabetes Wellness Program and swear by it. They send comments such as "It's a life saver"... "It improved my health" ...and I immediately noticed improved results". And now, it can do wonders for you, too!

Using this proof, you're about to see why Diabetes Wellness Program is the only high blood sugar remedy that...

Stabilizes blood sugar and can help reverse type 2 diabetes naturally - starting right away!

Don't settle for weak, watered-down diabetes drugs and insulin shots with devastating side effects.

Take charge of health and enjoy freedom at last from high blood sugar and diabetes problem.

Put the latest discoveries from natural health science to work for you to stabilize your blood sugar and reverse diabetes.

With The Super Potent Diabetes Wellness Program,

You will STABILIZE your blood sugar.

High dosage plus special nutrient means you'll start seeing result in no time!

Since it was first introduced in 2015, Diabetes Wellness Program has helped thousands of diabetic patients stabilize their blood sugar, plus type 2 reverse diabetes.

As you're about to see, this remarkable breakthrough formula is powerfully effective. And that means you can expect quick and lasting result.

Stabilize your blood sugar and reverse type 2 diabetes!
Diabetes Wellness Pack

NOTE: This is NOT some new 'miracle' cure...

The CAUSE and SOLUTION to disbetes has been known for many years

Diabetes Wellness Pack is the most comprehensive diabetes natural remedy product on the market.

Containing 21 natural phytoceutical extracts, proven to lower and stabilize blood sugar and reverse type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes Wellness Pack has no known side effects. It's a complete, easy to use 30-day Program for lowering and stabilizing high blood sugar.

The system includes 4 specially formulated components that works in harmony with your body to achieve rapid results.

Here are some of the numerous feedback from people who have shared their success stories with me;

From 14.3mmol to 8.1mmol in 2 weeks

"Good afternoon I must thank you for the complimentary products you sent to me. I am deeply grateful. I bought the Wellness Pack for my mother 2 weeks ago and I must say that the product is improving her condition.

Her sugar level was 14.3mmol before she commenced the program.

As I am sending this SMS to you, her sugar level has dropped to 8.1mmol. This improvement is remarkable.

I must also add that her fingers that used to shake uncontrollably are now stable.

I am certain that by the time she is through with the 30 days usage, her condition would have improved again.

Thanks for this job well done."


"From 12mmol to 7mmol in 17 days"


I initially had my doubts about the efficacy of your product dealing with diabetes.

This is my 17th day of taking the Supplements and it's been amazing.

With all my prescription drug my blood sugar has always been in the range of 12mmol for a long time.

The 3rd day I started taking the supplements I discovered that my blood sugar went down to 9mmol. For me this is a miracle.

As I am sending you this, it has further dropped to 7mmol. I am so optimistic that by the time I'm done with the 30 days, my blood sugar would have been totally reversed. Thank you so much for making these supplements available. You will hear from me soon."

-Abubakar. Abuja.

"From 17mmol to 6.8mmol In 3 Weeks..."

 "Good afternoon, I am sending in this report to let you know that your Product works.

I was a little bit disappointed when I saw that they are forever living products. But I decided to try it as you advised and here I am 3 weeks after usage my blood sugar dropped from 17mmol to 6.8mmol.

Well I am ordering for another pack because of this tremendous improvement even though you said I won't need more than one pack.

Thanks for making it available"

-C. C. Umor, Porthacourt.

Ok, I'm interested...

But how much will it cost to get Diabetes Wellness Pack delivered to my doorstep...

Before I tell you how much,

Listen! no matter how high the blood is, no matter how bad it is, Diabetes Wellness Pack will work fine... guaranteed

Get Diabetes Wellness Pack Delivered To Your Doorstep

Limited Time Offer ...

Listen: I'm going to take all the risk here even though our manager is going to frown at this offer. Here's the deal...

Try Diabetes Wellness Pack for 30 days. If your sugar level didn't get stabilized, if you don't get energy boost and finally say bye bye to constant fatigue and drowsiness... then send it back to me empty if you must!

And I'll personally see to it that you receive quick no - questions - asked refund. Fair enough?

Now is the time to take control of your health to get what you deserve: a healthy and happy life!

NOTE: This offer is open for the next 5 days and it comes with free shipping with no extra delivery charges. 

NOTE: These products are manufactured in Arizona U.S.A and has been certified by several international bodies including NAFDAC.


Diabetes Wellness Pack looks simple...but it's one of the most powerful solutions to high blood sugar in the market today. Albert Einstein once said; "Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler." That's exactly what Diabetes Wellness Pack has done for you: It has made lowering and stabilizing your blood sugar as simple as possible.

Certified by several international bodies including NAFDAC

Special Offer - N45,500 Only

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Your Special Bonus

When you order for Diabetes Wellness Pack, you'll also get a free soft copy of my book titled; "The Ultimate Diet Formula To Lower High Blood Sugar".

In This Book, You'll Learn:

  • The top 10 foods you should start eating to stabilize your blood sugar.
  • A 30 day meal guide for a lower blood sugar.
  • The harmful foods you should stop eating if you're diabetic.
  • And many more...

I'm giving out this ebook for you free of charge when you order for a pack of Pro-Health. What more can i do?

You can’t wait…you must act now!

I’m pushing you because I want you to feel great like other happy men – starting today!

Thousands of people have already benefited from Diabetes Wellness Pack.

They’re happy they came in contact with it.

I want you to be as happy as them.

You’re not alone. Everything is so simple and easy that you're guaranteed of visible results in 21 days.

That’s why everybody succeeds with Diabetes Wellness Pack.

And you’re next!

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Knowledge is power, so well done for reading up to this point. The most important step however begins now because information is only of value if you act on it. I look forward to hearing your success story. Start your diabetes recovery program and it will reward you sound health.

Yours sincerely,

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